Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Back to this blog

I have been keeping busy elsewhere online, on research blogs and through my Twitter channels and such, so I've admittedly let this site go fallow (sorry!). But I do expect to return to it more in the coming months, as I move to the University of Hawaii (from Washington State University). ... Will post more this summer about the transition. I want to give people more information about what life in Hawaii (and at UH) is really like, since there seems to be very little reliable discourse online about it. I've basically only been able to find obvious PR sites, about tourism, or blogs/rants from cranks who have left and are complaining about it. In fact, I have been very surprised about the lack of information easily accessible on this issue, so I hope I can provide some new and fresh ideas to those either in a similar situation as mine, or considering a move to Oahu.