Monday, February 15, 2010

Draft of grant language

To create a strong grant proposal, particularly on the federal level, I need to highly refine the first couple of paragraphs to meet the needs of the funder. Here's a rough draft for the Fort Vancouver Mobile project:

Mobile technology is changing the ways in which we access and expect information. But how is this changing us in the process? And what are we losing along the way?
The Fort Vancouver Mobile research project not only is examining new approaches and documenting best practices in the study of a variety of mobile-oriented humanities, it also is developing innovative uses of this emerging technology field for public programming and education, mixing traditional and new media, creating a mixed reality that promises to engage people in our shared history in immersive and interactive environments. That will include making accessible a variety of digital resources and assets.

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Bea Amaya said...

Gee Brett, in just 3 sentences you grabbed my attention. By the straightforward questions you posed, you had me "hooked" from the beginning. And the good thing about this introductory paragraph is that by the end of it, I was actually disappointed...I was ready to read more! Nice job.