Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long-term funding for the Fort Vancouver Mobile project

I'm trying to put together an organizational chart that keeps track of funding options available for the Fort Vancouver Mobile project. I'm starting here with a Gantt chart, using Open Project, but I just don't think this helps much, even if it was filled out in more depth. While the overlapping periods of involvement are interesting, I really would like to have a tool that charts deadlines, application periods, resources needed (such as letters of commitment, matching funds, resumes from participants, etc.) and the other aspects of this work, including when single sourcing could come into play (and when I already have completed an application for this group in previous years). I also would like to see in visual form the overlapping periods of grant preparation, to try to avoid those as much as possible, or at least to be prepared for the extra work.

Any suggestions on alternatives to the Gantt for this, preferably with open source software, or at least through a common program that I already have, such as Access or Excel?


Monica said...

I, too, had some trouble with the limitation involved with the OpenProj software. it seems to offer a good opportunity for tracking deadlines and tasks, but not the more complicated things you're looking to include. I'm not familiar enough with Access to say whether that would meet your needs, but Excel might offer you the best solution although you might need to build multiple spreadsheets. The benefit I could see with a spreadsheet would be that it would allow you to view and sort based on different column variables, whether deadlines, responsible party, etc. Good luck... I think you need an assistant!

R.B. said...

There's not much this rookie is going to tell you, you're obviously taking care of business! Thanks for your support and suggestions throughout the course!

R.B. said...

There's not much that this rookie can tell you, you're obviously taking care of business! Thanks for your suggestions and support throughout the course!