Friday, July 10, 2009

Combining augmented reality and social networking

Found this application (and video) that supports the concept:


arthurpare said...

It looked interesting - but one interesting comment at:

As if you weren't already creeped-out enough by Big Brother, now a company has invented technology that takes away any semblance of public anonymity.

The Astonishing Tribe are the development team behind something called Augmented ID, an augmented reality concept that uses facial recognition software to attach your visage to a profile. When we first started hearing about "augmented reality" apps, developers offered us some novel possibilities, although most of it was similar to what Google Maps already provides, like business info about your surroundings. This is something totally different, and it's pretty scary.

In the simplest terms, you would basically put your phone's camera up to a random person, say, on the subway, and Augmented ID would use facial recognition software to pull up their user profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Time to bid fairwell to that quaint idea of privacy.

arthurpare said...

Another comment:
There is already lots of data out there that can easily be translated to the AR interface. Take TwittARound, an iPhone app that lets you see who is tweeting around you by looking through your camera lens. This will be the future of social networking. (from

Julie M. Davis said...

Thanks for sharing this video. It is a perfect visualization of what is currently happening with social media. We are putting ourselves out there for others to see and view. We physically can not see the application as you can in the video but that is what is happening.

Harnessing that information to take it further and offer feedback or associations to other mediums seems like the next logical step. Even though many of the comments fear it I'm not sure it is really much different than what is already going on with the net.