Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Topps 3D Live - Another AR example

This takes the digital hologram past the model and display phase and into simple manipulation of the hologram, augmented reality for a mass market. This has to be one of the earliest commercial ventures into this realm. If you know of any others, please post them.


Julie M. Davis said...

I find this hologram style image interesting in the short term butwould find myself quickly bored. I think the real value in using a technology like this and making it stick would be to take it further by either offering a social componet like playing a virtual game online with your cards player and others that are logged in at the same time. Another way this could go further would be to allow the user to create their own game based on several of their Topps cards.

arthurpare said...

One advertising element, used in Germany, had a fairly detailed Mini Cabrio avatar appear when the back cover of the magazine was viewed from a webcam.
If you want to try out the Mini Cabrio Ad for yourself, grab this PDF file (, print if and head over here ( to see it work. It is only compatible with Internet Explorer per the site.