Thursday, June 4, 2009

Upcoming mobile projects

I'm fascinated by location-awareness technology and how that is going to change the world. I have stacks of books and articles on this subject that I'm reading this summer, but I also plan to create a couple of mobile projects to experiment with the form.

First of all, I want to convert my home page,, into a mobile home page. As you can see, it's already designed for that. I just need to make the conversion of the files and try to keep the idea intact in the process.

My second goal is to create some sort of location-based story, incorporating GPS coordinates and multimedia elements that take advantage of these new opportunities. looks like an option. But I'm going to look around, too, to see if there are any more powerful applications available yet. Whrrl looks promising, but it seems somewhat limited at this time (or maybe I just don't know all that it can do). Maybe I can talk to the company about some additional features for beta testing. I'll put that on my list of calls to make.

I'd like to have packets of information (text, audio, video) kept in geographic hot spots that get released as people reach those places. I'm particularly interested right now in starting with sound, such as recorded phone calls being triggered by GPS coordinates and sent to users in that spot. Any suggestions of other software to try?

- Brett


Rich said...

Good project for the course, getting your homepage to recognize if the device accessing it is a mobile device, and then if so using CSS or some other tool to format it accordingly. Should the content change? Should we just all design for mobile devices first with content that will also work for online computer viewing as well? How are packets of information distributable according to end user devices?

Anonymous said...


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