Thursday, June 4, 2009, the discovery of a storytelling app for mobile devices

Now might not be the first or the best storytelling application for mobile devices, but it's the first one that I've found, which also makes it the best to date. And since this relates directly to my dissertation topic, and what I want to work on for the next three years, at least, I'm highly intrigued by what they are doing with this site.

It's built primarily for the iPhone, but it does support some content from any other phone with a camera.

In short, it combines photos and text with GPS locations and maps to tell stories of sorts. It also allows multiple users to work on a story at the same time. It has many of the functions I was hoping to find, including privacy settings, so I'll be trying this out sometime soon.

This application is free, and it's being generated out of Seattle, a company called Pelago, which is a major bonus, if I want to try to collaborate at all with those folks. Only about a three hour drive to the north.

I'll post on this as it develops.

- Brett

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Erin said...

Hey Brett!
I'm the community manager for Whrrl and would love to talk with you about your dissertation and how that ties into what we're doing.

I'm traveling today, but email me ( Would love to chat next week!

- Erin